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The A-Z Of Depression Is A Series Of 26 Simple, But Hard-Hitting Illustrations On The Mental Disorder

Well-Known Chefs From India Bring Us Closer To The Top Food Trends Of 2018

Indian Wedding Photographers Pick Their Favourite Bride Portraits From 2017

10+ Female-Lead Films That You Should Not Miss In 2018

2017, was a good year for women in films. Wait, let us rephrase that, “2017, was a great year for women in films (and other things too).” Wonder Woman became the highest grossing superhero origin film of all times. It also was the highest grossing film by a woman director till date. But, that’s not all. There were other films like Atomic Blonde, Lady Bird, Girls Trip, I, Tonya, Battle of the Sexes, Mother!, The Shape of Water and more, that showed us different sides to a woman. They broke […]

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If Food And Drinks Is On Your Mind This Christmas, These Are The Places You Should Visit In Bangalore

‘Tis the time to be jolly, yes, we know, but that jolly hits a high note only when there is food and family, for sure. Further, some folks like some quiet time at home with their mulled wine and turkey, while others like to go out and spend time over a hearty lunch or dinner. So, if you are someone who is planning to go out, on Christmas Day, this piece might give you some clarity—from buffets to brunches, it has everything. Celebrate Christmas Mexican style at Sanchez Restaurante & […]

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Here’s What These Home Bakers From Bangalore Are Whipping Up This Christmas

We are living in times where most people prefer home bakers over a bakery or a café (when it comes to baked goods, of course), especially when it’s Christmas. Why you ask? First, the teats have a homely feel to them with no added preservatives. Second, it comes with a lot of customisation options, which is great. And third, it might be more affordable, and the fact that the treats are made to order is surety that they are a 100 per cent fresh. With the obvious out of the way, […]

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Bipul Chettri’s New Single Gahiro Gahiro Talks About The Philosophies Of Life

“Life carries many challenges in so many different shapes and forms. The fragile yet beautiful human relationships that tend to bind us sometimes bring trials and tribulations of their own, which tests our resolve in trying to mend these problems. Gahiro Gahiro (his newest single) is a piece that attempts to grasp one’s frailties and look beyond relationships and accept dualities of human nature,” reflects singer-songwriter Bipul Chettri. Chettri wrote this song a while ago, but he let it sit for some time because he thought he could do more with […]

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Love. No Boundaries—A Shot Film That Voices The Idea Of Acceptance Of The LGBTQ Community In India

Ballsy solo projects are not a new thing for Mumbai-based lifestyle photographer Monisha Ajgaonkar. The last time we spoke to her for something similar was when she had just finished shooting her first solo project Unmasked—a series of vivid pictures that spoke about denial of one’s sexual orientation. That was somewhere in 2015. It’s 2017, and Ajgaonkar is back with something similar, this time in video format. Love. No Boundaries, is a two-minute short film that voices the idea of acceptance of the LGBTQ community in India. It artistically portrays that […]

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New Albums From Indian Outfits That Are Worth Your Time

We know the complaint, while some might think that indie music in India is at a turn, but then there is light at the end of the tunnel—always. We were searching for what musicians in India were up to and these albums are what we found. Give them a listen. PS: Click on the image to go to their Bandcamp link. The Last Analog Generation by Blackstratblues Where do we start with Warren Mendonsa and his instrumental outfit Blackstratblues—it’s a fun, unending story. Also the fact that he has the […]

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Visual Artist Abhigna Bararia Discusses About Her Untitled Body Of Work That Revolves Around Cancer

Bangalore-based visual artist Abhigna Bararia believes that “Happiness in life balances on a delicate scale. As we are confronted with experiences good and bad, we hold the power to tip it in our favour.” What she has learnt in the past one year through her experiences with her close ones undergoing cancer treatment is to never push anything till it gets too late. “Cancer has taught me to rethink my outlook on life just by observing three people close to my life affected by this horrendous disease,” she highlights. Most […]

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Sneha Kar’s Travel Photographs Of Northeast India, Artistically Highlights Its Untapped Beauty

As they say, “Good things in life happen to you when you are busy making other plans,” right? Well, something similar happened to Bangalore-based photographer Sneha Kar. You might know her through her vibrant wedding and lifestyle pictures that have appeared in publications like Travel + Leisure and more, but there is more to her than just wedding photographs. And her recent visit to Shillong and Nagaland displays just that—interesting images that show us a part of India that most of us haven’t experienced yet. Cracking the egg How did […]

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Well-Known Brands That Don’t Place A Logo On Their Products

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, (in 2015) millennials prefer clothing without labels or logos. In some way, it’s more about the product. Labels and logos in 2017 have become secondary. On that note, here are a few companies that believe more in the product and less on the logo. Bottega Veneta The no logo reveal for this iconic brand started in 2001 when the Gucci Group bought the company and hired a new creative director, German-born Tomas Maier, who removed all the labels and went back to the brand’s […]

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Illustrator Medha Srivastava’s Inktober Series This Year, Portrays Her Personal Experiences Through A Little Girl’s Eye

We remember speaking with illustrator Medha Srivastava for her Inktober series last year (in October), and many things have changed since then—she has moved cities, her hair is gone, she has learnt new dance moves, and her little nephew has mastered the art of drama, but, one thing still remains constant, and it’s the way she treats her artworks—her Inktober series this year follows the same theme it did last year, just that it’s more refined this time around. Interestingly, she has added a girl in the scenarios, and as […]

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Sriracha—A New Pan-Asian Restaurant Where Food Meets Art

We start this one, with a question. “How many Pan-Asian restaurants are there in Bangalore?” 3000, 4000? And how many amongst them would you swear by? 10, 20? You might be thinking where are we going with this, but, this is the exact question that popped into our heads where we booked a cab to get to Sriracha—a new contemporary Pan-Asian restaurant at UB City serving select delicacies from places like Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore. “Will this space be any good?” we thought, (given that six out of […]

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Diah By MaNa, A New Nifty Modular Light, We All Need In Our Lives Right Now

Diah by MaNa, a quirky, flat-packed paper LED light company, based out of Singapore, started as a fun little project that kept evolving as the weeks went by until designer Mandara Nagaraj and inventor Sid Butalia saw that the product answered to an evident gap in the market, as far as portable lights are concerned. And as they point out, “this hollow, modular, cordless light is a first of its kind in lighting design.” Further, what makes the product unique is the fact that it’s easy to use, and ‘you […]

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