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5 Interesting Films That Spoke To This Film Buff

If you are a film-buff just like me, then chances are you probably watch a lot of films and manage to find something to like in each one. But there are a few ones that unexpectedly creep up on you, and as time goes by, grow on you as well. And I think those features deserve to be called out and spoken about. On that note, here are five Hollywood movies from recent times that stood out for me.


While most of us judged this movie beforehand and expected it to be another typical Disney princess-finds-her-prince-love-story, it managed to throw us off pretty well. As a 14-year-old who spent most of her time with her elder sister, I loved how this movie gave equal (if not more) importance to the sisters’ relationship for once. Not to forget, the film had me karaoke-ing all of its songs for the longest time.

Black Panther

Aside from the fact that it featured a dominant black cast and crew, Black Panther was such a pleasant surprise to see a girl play the role of the comic relief in a film—thank you, Marvel! The minute Shuri (Letitia Wright) screamed “What are thoooose,” I knew I had found my favourite character. Her sly remarks and burns had me cracking up. “Great, another broken white guy for us to fix” was my personal favourite though.

Another thing that really stood out in this film was the stunning locations it was shot at—especially the waterfall fight sequence. The African chants didn’t fail to hype the crowd up either.

Call Me By Your Name

The actor who plays Elio Perlman (Timothee Chalamet) did such a fantastic job, his acting felt so natural. There was a sense of rawness to it; I almost forgot for a while that it was a film and he was acting. It felt like I was watching a teenager through a hidden camera. The chemistry between him and Oliver (Armie Hammer) was quite convincing; it was hard not to get attached to them.

The Shape of Water

I never imagined I’d ship a woman with an amphibious alien so bad! Not once did either of them say the three magical words, but I could just feel the love radiating on screen.  The story follows a mute janitor who is exposed to a creature that is being tested at her workplace—a high-security government laboratory. She takes it upon herself to free him and discovers herself through the journey. This one talks about a unique love story!

Wonder Woman

As an avid follower of superhero films, I knew what to expect. But this epic tale was so much more! It had me screaming “You go girl!” and “Hell yeah!” every five minutes. It made me feel so empowered; the way she outshined everybody else, including the male protagonist— something that rarely happens in mainstream cinema. The women in the film were portrayed as true worriers, and the fight sequences were just as gripping and brutal as any other superhero film.

Which of these films made an impact on you? Do you have any other films that touched you in some way? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Simran usually calls herself the jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. She loves to sing, write, sketch, rap, read, edit audios and videos, mess around Photoshop, photograph things, act, sleep, eat—you get the point. Basically, she is indecisive as fuck and a less cool version of an all-rounder!

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