Bipul Chettri’s New Single Gahiro Gahiro Talks About The Philosophies Of Life - The Grey Alley

“Life carries many challenges in so many different shapes and forms. The fragile yet beautiful human relationships that tend to bind us sometimes bring trials and tribulations of their own, which tests our resolve in trying to mend these problems. Gahiro Gahiro (his newest single) is a piece that attempts to grasp one’s frailties and look beyond relationships and accept dualities of human nature,” reflects singer-songwriter Bipul Chettri.

Chettri wrote this song a while ago, but he let it sit for some time because he thought he could do more with it. What came out was a visceral, melancholic tune, which was born out of a trip to a seaside town. “The sound of the big large waves and the sheer size and depth of the ocean can render you so tiny and small that you feel rather inconspicuous standing in front of it. So, I took this water body as a metaphor for this tune,” he points out.

Photo Credits: Sonam Tashi

What can the audience expect from the number? “I really cannot speak for the audience, as each individual will and should have their own interpretation of the song, but all I can say is that they will get to listen to some exceptional musicians who have lent their talents during the recording of this number.” And will the tune make way for a new album? “I cannot say for certain, but I hope this serves as a catalyst for some new music. I am a slow writer and composer, and take an unusually long time to finalise an arrangement, so let’s see where it goes.”

Interesting and challenging moments from the sessions so far? “It was more of an interesting session rather than a challenging one as I had such talented musicians on board,” recalls Chettri. Adding, “This is the first time I have used the cello and a flute in a composition, so it was fun. Nawahineokala’i Lanzilotti (Nawa) is a fantastic cellist from the US, who helped in providing us with the kind of atmosphere we needed for the composition along with Rohit Prasanna, a classical flautist. Both of them nailed their parts in just one sitting which is always a sign of good musicianship. Aman, our drummer from the Travelling Band also helped immensely and played some lovely drum parts and some percussions. This tune has been in the making for over six months, and it has been a lovely journey so far. I also want to thank Tuborg (Nepal), for coming forward in partnering with us to help us release this single as well as Anindo, our engineer who helped us record and mix this track,” ends Chettri with a smile.

Listen to the track below.

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