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Here’s What These Home Bakers From Bangalore Are Whipping Up This Christmas

We are living in times where most people prefer home bakers over a bakery or a café (when it comes to baked goods, of course), especially when it’s Christmas. Why you ask? First, the teats have a homely feel to them with no added preservatives. Second, it comes with a lot of customisation options, which is great. And third, it might be more affordable, and the fact that the treats are made to order is surety that they are a 100 per cent fresh.

With the obvious out of the way, here are a few home bakers in the city (not in any particular order) who have scrumptious treats lined up for you this Christmas. Happy Holidays!

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Butterfingers Patisserie

If you are looking for hampers this Christmas then Nikita Gulati of Butterfingers Patisserie might be able to help you out. The hamper comes with treats like eight Sandwiched Sugar Cookies and four Chocolate Cake Pops. These are her fixed hampers but they can be customised too. “People prefer it if I have pre-planned boxes within a budget that looks and tastes festive as it’s easier for them to pick something up. Gingerbread cookies and S’mores in a jar is also something we do during Christmas. And then there is the hot chocolate mix in a jar that people can buy to give away as Christmas presents,” Gulati adds with a smile.

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This year, there are four new treats from this home-based bakery and they are the Cranberry Almond Biscotti, Pistachio Chocolate Brownies, Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and their Snowball Truffles. “These four treats are in our Christmas Goodie Box this year and they can be bought separately as well. Apart from these, we have a Healthy Plum Cake this year available with and without alcohol,” states Nandini Hegde (one half of the baking duo, the other half is her mother).

Further, their Gingerbread Cookies, Cranberry Pistachio White Chocolate Fudge, Rocky Road Bars and Plum Cake (including the eggless version) are back this year as their customers loved them last Christmas.

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Sweet Nothings

When things are in the hands of Purbasha Saha (especially, creations that have an oven attached at the end) what can go wrong? Like other home bakers in the city, Saha too has items that might go well with the term ‘Christmas’. Further, people with a sweet tooth will love what she has on offer. For starters, there is the Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting in a jar, the Black Forest Cake in a jar, the delicious Triple Chocolate Brownie, Stained Glass Sugar Cookies, Caramel and Himalayan Pink Salt Dark Chocolate Bar, and the rich Boozy Plum Cake. And they come wrapped in a beautiful wooden box which can be later used as a keepsake.

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Le Tiny Whisk

Home-baker Riya Patel has a long menu this Christmas and every item in there is a treat. Let’s start with creations like the Boozy Apple & Cherry Crumble (₹120 for 200g), Rum & Raisin Muffins (₹360 for 12), Gingerbread Cookies (₹350 for 16), White Chocolate Madeleines (₹ 300 for 12), Starry Mince Pies (₹300 for 6), Starry Veg Pies (₹250 for 6), Spiced Jowar Brownie Cake (₹150 for 250 g) Bacon & Cheddar Tartlets (₹300 for 6), Sweet Corn & Cheddar Tartlets (Rs 250 for 6), Lemon Rosemary Loaf (₹200 for 300g), and last but not the least, the Nutty Whisky Balls (₹100 for 150g). Gluten-free options are available too (but prices might vary).

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Dough Re Mi

Angeleena Andrews is whipping up something extraordinary and you should look at what her company Dough Re Mi (DRM) has to offer this season.  Let’s begin with their Plum Cake—the ‘quintessential Christmas cake’ as Andrews likes to call it. The Dough Re Mi Plum Cake is available in two options—rum soaked and non-alcoholic (fruits soaked in freshly squeezed orange juice). It’s a simple cake made with prunes, raisins, dates, walnuts and freshly ground spices. (Available in 200g/500g/750g).

“Shortbread Cookies are another favourite among the DRM clientele with the popular one being preserve topped ones. We made ours in Christmas-themed shapes keeping in mind the approaching festive season,” Andrews clarifies. Another popular cake order is the Date and Walnut Cake, a sweet and fast moving item on the Christmas menu.

“We came up with a Christmas ‘gift box’ idea this year which proved to be a huge hit among our customers—including corporate customers. It was one of the most popular items on our Christmas menu,” she adds. There are three combinations in the box, and contents a 200g mini Plum Cake, Brownies, Muffins and Shortbread Cookies with some amount of customisation.

Another item that customers keep ordering is their Ooey Gooey Brownies. These decadent brownies are a wonderful gifting option and Andrews had to make it part of their Christmas must-haves.

“Some of these items are a part of our permanent menu, however, we made sure any order that comes in during this time are packaged festively and Christmas-ily,” signs off Andrews.

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Rashmi Srinath of Toothfairy is taking the plain and simple route this festive season with baked goodies like the plum cake, marshmallow bags and coconut macaroons. Sometimes, simplicity is the right way forward, right?

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The Obsessed Baker

Like something decorative this holiday season? Then look no further than The Obsessed Baker. Pragati Kamath is keeping it real this year with her Decorated Christmas Cookies. That’s not all; these delicate treats are laced with loads of butter and are hand piped too. So, what are you waiting for? Order now.

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Kuchkhaas The Chocolate Boutique

Alka Shah is a professional chocolatier and has been running her Chocolate Boutique for over 18 years! She can create over 370+ varieties and flavours using just chocolate, FYI. Her menu (this holiday season) starts with the Fruit Cake, and you can opt for the alcoholic or the non-alcoholic versions. Then there are cookies like the Christmas Cake Cookie, Apple and Cinnamon Cookies and the Christmas Thumbprints, and more. Also ask for the Christmas Bars and hampers containing one extra boozy Christmas Fruit Cake (250g), Assorted Chocolates (200g) from the Exotic range, and the assorted melt in your mouth cookies (200g). All of these come with customised wrappers as per your occasion, and lots more.

“Recently I have started something called “Create Your Own Bar.” Your commercial chocolate may have variety but it doesn’t do justice to the money you spend. My concept revolves around creating a bar to your taste and adding flavours of quality fruit and nuts to create a blast of flavours so that you are left wanting for more,” enthuses Shah. Do us a favour and see what’s in store here.

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Petit Crumbs

That’s not all, Subalakshmi Sundar of Petit Crumbs will be preparing some customised iced cookies, French macarons and cupcakes. This might be for people who are looking for something different this year.

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So, which home baker would you pick this season? Are there others we should know of? Let us know in the comments below.


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