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Jewellery Designer, Dhwani Bansal, Speaks About Her New Collection, KIYO

Bangalore-based jewellery designer, Dhwani Bansal, is creatively blessed. We will give her that. If you are aware of her bodies of work, then you would know that she released her first collection titled Ivy on April 1st, 2016. Which was followed by another work called Elysian, which Bansal showcased in October (that same year). Exactly six months later, she has unveiled her third collection called KIYO. So this got us thinking… ‘how does a twenty-something-year-old wrap-up things so quickly?’

Bansal’s latest work is inspired by Japanese bamboo and as Bansal articulates, “This collection has a (more) geometric look, as compared to my previous collections.”

We catch up with Bansal who tells us more about her latest collection, her pet peeves when it comes to people, and more.

Tell us a bit about your new collection, KIYO. How is it different from your earlier collections Ivy and Elysian—a little about the inception and the challenges you faced while working on this particular collection?

KIYO is inspired by the Japanese bamboo. This collection has a (more) geometric look, as compared to my previous collections. It’s also made in rose gold with zircons and American diamonds, which makes its composition drastically different from the first two collections. (They were constructed in yellow gold, with some semi-precious stones)

The Japanese culture (to me) has been fascinating. I was looking at their art, and bamboo seemed to be a recurrent theme in their screen printing, sculptures and more. Also, bamboo is associated with spirituality in their land. The bamboo’s structure, with its angular leaves and straight branches, was appealing, and that’s how this collection came into inception.

The methods employed in making this collection is different from any used before. We’ve used various sizes of stones and it is very intricate. Finalising on the material was the hardest part of all, I would say.

What does KIYO mean?

KIYO means purity.

We know that you are a fan of designer Alexander McQueen. What if he called you tomorrow for a collaboration — what do you think your reaction will be like?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Absolutely, yes! That’s all I could think of, really!

The one thing you dislike about your job?

Makes me dependent on a lot of people, this may be quite tricky sometimes.

If you were stuck on an island for a year and you are allowed to take only three things (not people) what would they be and why?

If I was alone and island-bound I’d be dead in a week! So let me take some people with me, please? (smiles)

The nicest and the nastiest comment you have read about yourself on social media?

I’m not the right one for this question! I’m barely on social media, except for the occasional pictures (sighs).

Three things you would like to change in this world?

There are a lot of people trying to bring about all sorts of changes, and I don’t consider myself to be as influential as any of them. Having said that, this world could do with more compassion and love.

An upcoming film you are excited about this year?  

Do I have to pick only one? I’m a huge cinema addict! So this list is quite extensive. I was thrilled when I saw Beauty and the Beast and now I’m waiting for The Justice League and Bahubali 2.

What are you reading at the moment?

Kafka On The Shore, by Haruki Murakami

Things you like and dislike about people?

I like it when strangers smile at you on the streets. For that one moment, it’s like you’re connected to them. I really dislike people sticking to me in queues. It’s like as though by cutting off that one foot between us it’s going to get them closer to the counter somehow. It feels like such a violation of personal space!


You can buy the anthology at Agashe (New Delhi), The Open Trunk and The Bombay Attic (Bangalore), Angasutra (Hyderabad), Rudraksh (Baroda) and Bombaim (Kolkata).

Pieces start at ₹2,500 and go up to ₹7,500

Follow her Facebook page for more updates.


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