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Like fast cars, aircrafts, defence vehicles, and everything to do with industrial design? Then this particular space might be of interest. Meet Mechologue—a social media page filled with captivating pen and ink illustrations, water colour paintings and marker art in and around automobile art. Spearheaded by Mumbai-based artist Sneha Yadav, this project encapsulates her love for machines. The title is a concoction of two words—mechanism and catalogue, and was suggested to her by a good friend and after nearly four months of toying with the name, she finally went with it.

The idea of Mechologue was innately born when she started drawing cars, jeeps and bikes while she was still a student, but she always felt that something was missing. This is when Yadav went a little off-beat and started sketching defence, construction vehicles and aircrafts. In college, while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, she tilted towards industrial and product designing, and since she could not chase her dreams enough to study in an art/design school, (due to personal circumstances), this space is where she lives her dream of making art related to the thing she loves the most.

“Machines fascinate me. There is something about the way they sound, they work, and they have always been of an interest. I grew up watching my dad work his magic on cars. So the love for the machines came naturally,” clarifies Yadav.

The creation process starts with the selection (the design at hand). Further, she does take help from the people around her during this stage (ideas and discussion of what might look cool on paper). “When I create any artwork, it’s not just that I put out what I think, but I want it to have a feel… a feel of me. Like an extension, you know? The whole idea, the direction is around that. Feel the artist, feel the style. Reckon it. This is how the whole idea is triggered. The artwork should have a connect with the theme and the artist too. I wouldn’t want to make anything that doesn’t appeal me in the first place. That’s just how artists think, I guess,” she states.

With that said, there are challenges too. “I would be lying if I said things were easy for me. Yes, passenger vehicles—cars and bikes come easy. But defence machines, aircrafts, construction equipment vehicles aren’t easy. I put in a lot of efforts to understand their character, their design and get a feel,” enthuses Yadav.

There are times when she creates a sketch in a single attempt, and there are periods where she rips page after page trying to make it perfect. There are also times when she is majorly probed for the symmetry and finer details. But she takes criticism in a constructive manner and works hard to make the next sketch a better one.  “And some days, I also don’t bother because I don’t make the doodles to impress others!” she highlights laughing.

Yadav has completed 25 artworks till date, out of which 17 have been published—sketching every day, and trying and completing one artwork each day. To which she adds, “The time taken to complete any artwork depends upon a lot of factors, like the type of artworks—colour, details, size, digital or hand drawn. Some sketches take 4 to 48 hours in total.” Yadav takes time out by sometimes working the entire night, and there are times when she starts right after her day ends (at an MNC that she works with). “Finding time does get difficult, but it just sets in right when you have the passion that drives you nuts, so much that you start planning and managing accordingly,” she signs off.

As of now, she is focusing only on making more such designs (and other works of art she indulges in) and enhancing her skills. In the future she plans to start a YouTube channel, making time-lapse videos of how she creates her artworks. Plans on exhibiting some designs are also on the cards.

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Here are some of the illustrations so far.


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  • Sneha Yadav

    A big thank you Avinash, the article is very well written.

    • Avinash Kumai

      Welcome, Sneha. I am glad you liked the piece.

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