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New Albums From Indian Outfits That Are Worth Your Time

We know the complaint, while some might think that indie music in India is at a turn, but then there is light at the end of the tunnel—always. We were searching for what musicians in India were up to and these albums are what we found. Give them a listen.

PS: Click on the image to go to their Bandcamp link.

The Last Analog Generation by Blackstratblues

Where do we start with Warren Mendonsa and his instrumental outfit Blackstratblues—it’s a fun, unending story. Also the fact that he has the balls to put out instrumental albums that are well-crafted and speak about happiness, life, and ideas that are hard to digest. You should also pick the album to find out the fact that they aren’t a blue band!

Buy the album here.

Nouns by Fame The Band


Ah! Just when we had given hope on Indie music, this alternative/pop-rock outfit from Meghalaya comes along. It’s love from the get-go. Every tune is a different story—pieces in a puzzle that fit perfectly. The album is a compilation of abstractions from their everyday lives.

Buy the album here.

Bison by Skrat

If you haven’t grabbed their new album yet, well, get it now, come on, chop, chop! Another reason? The fact that it has an interesting premise—‘The Queen’ is dead, or in exile. General Bison wakes to see his home, the Vineyard, in ruins. With his group of unlikely allies, he battles to restore peace. Once his mission is complete, he returns to his slumber, until he is needed.

Buy the album here.

Make It Happen by Tejas

Tejas makes us happy, he works puts a smile on our faces—period! This second album Make It Happen is a rocket ship into the universe, an alien invasion of personal outer space, by a twenty-something, who poked and prodded different objects and species, broke his ship and remodelled it after crossing the space-time continuum to see himself in the future—we did not write that, we got it off his Bandcamp page! Since now you know the backstory, go listen to the album, and buy it too!

Buy the album here.

The Park Street Local EP by Blooperhouse Studios

This compilation took us back to the GIR days when a copy of RSJ along with a CD was the shit! If you are someone who loves more than one artist on an album, you should definitely check this one out. It features outfits and artists like the Neel Sarkar Project, Paloma and Adil, Topshe, Mojo, Uday and Fox in the Garden. Every artist adds something interesting to the mix, but we were hooked to Paloma and Adil. Ms Paloma is the bee’s knees, and that voice, it just cuts through!

Buy the album here.

What do you think of these albums? Do you know of other interesting ones that we are unaware of? Let us know in the comments below.


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