'Woman And Nature', By Artist Tejashree Ingawale, Tries To Find A Connect Between These Two Entities | The Grey Alley

Nature has always been the motif of artist Tejashree Ingawale’s work—it inspires her with every coming day. And this is how her 100 Days Project titled Woman and Nature took shape. This project is her journey as an artist; a form of her innermost expression. With nature, she feels free from the dogmas set on her. She has realised, that she feels more beautiful when she is in contact with it. “When I am alone with nature, we exchange our fragrances and become one. I feel every woman feels that way too. She is without any inhibitions, limitations, boundaries or labels. Everything becomes transparent and true. True to nature and true to her,” she points out.

Interesting, the women in her illustrations are unabashed, unapologetic of any ideologies, philosophies or testaments. She isn’t judged on her external appearance colour, shape or size. She is what she is, unadulterated. The energies created are metaphysical and unmatched.

“I started this project out of rebellion—something we as women feel in our day-to-day lives. For example, people passing comments on our age and marital status without even knowing us. This project is an effort to break such barriers. Before anything else, I am a woman and a human. That is what I want to say through my illustrations,” adds Ingawale.

The seed of this project was etched in Ingawale’s mind for a long time, but it actually came to life about 25 days ago—with one illustration each day, she has finished 25 illustrations so far.

Tejashree Ingawale

Further, her state of mind while drawing changes according to her experiences, moods and feelings that she has every day. “I don’t feel burdened with any state of mind. The freedom that I feel is translated into my sketches. That is what I am and that is what I feel each day,” clarifies the Pune-based illustrator. Adding, “The nudity in the sketches is not actually physical, but more mental and emotional. Nature brings one’s senses to life. It makes you the person that you really are. Only the people who are true to themselves can lay bare with nature.”

Any challenges you faced so far? “I have been to Kerala several times before, but this was the first time I experienced nature so closely. Be it the beautiful rains or the wonderful time that I spent with elephants, putting down those exact feelings on paper through my illustrations was quite a challenge,” she enthuses.

She also tells us that this project has made her recognise her true potential, both physically and emotionally. More importantly, she has learnt that spending more and more time with nature brings her closer to herself.

And finally, who is the woman in the illustrations? “The woman in the illustrations is me. These are real instances from my life. Luckily, I find myself in nature each day, because I visit new places for work,” ends Ingawale with a smile.

Follow her 100 Days Project on her Instagram page here.


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  • Dhanshree

    wow. Gr8.

  • Deepak Das

    Beautiful work, provide inspiration to draw and get back to nature. The basics to learn shadows, depth, patterns and many more. A pleasure to go through your blog.

    • Avinash Kumai

      Thank you.

  • Dhanashree Deepak Panpatil

    You are a great soul blessed with so many good things..Keep it up..Very nice art.

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