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The Irish House Just Launched There New Outlet At RMZ Eco World And Here Is What You Can Expect

People in Sarjapura can rejoice now because the Irish are coming! The Irish House will open their doors (starting today), and with good reason—because there is always space for another pub in the neighbour. Long story short, the folks at this bustling pub, called us for a special curated testing session and this is what you can expect at the new outlet.

The Space

The aesthetic of the space is similar to its big brother, but is laid out differently, also—it’s huge, surrounded by community tables, and a chic-looking bar that will catch your eye for sure. The place has a great vibe, with a great selection of music from the 80s and 9os, and you will feel right at home. Further, the interiors are well lit, so taking pictures indoors will not be a problem. They have an outside area too, overlooking the neighbouring counters. We were escorted in by a friendly waiter and we made ourselves comfortable in a seating area near the bar and waited for the menu.

The Food

The menu is the same as the one they have at Whitefield, so we kind of had an idea what to expect. First up, we were served the Belfast Glazed Chicken Wings—wings of poultry glazed in BBQ sauce. The meat was tender and the glaze retained the smokiness and we could smell and taste it in every bite. Also, it was not overly dowsed in the sauce which we thought was right. We then quickly moved on to The Great Irish Fish N Chips and it was a perfect 10! The bass fillet was fresh and not overly done and it went well with the tartar sauce and crispy potato chips.

We washed them down with cocktails like Twisted Old Fashion—a Bourbon-based drink that mixed a dash of espresso, thyme and bitters. It was mild on the palate, and we could get a whiff of the thyme every time we took a sip. The Spiced Rusty Nail was different though—it came with a whisky base and has hints of cinnamon and was a bit heavy for our taste. But both of them went well with the food they were paired with. Also, all the items at The Irish House are unique and have their own charm, so you need not worry.

The Mains

We wasted no time and jumped right onto the main course. We opted for items like the Chicken Mac N’ Cheese, the Grilled Sriracha Chicken Bowl, the Hunter Penne and the Cheeky Grilled Chicken Burger. The Mac N’ Cheese was not runny, and it had everything in right amounts—the cheese sauce was salty, sweet and creamy. The Hunter Penne came with pesto cream sauce with the right consistency. The Grilled Sriracha Chicken Bowl was different, and the apple cider rice was different and has a sweet and sour taste, but was balanced perfectly with chargrilled broccoli and Sriracha glazed chicken.

But the star of the night has to be the Cheeky Grilled Chicken Burger. A cold burger that came with parsley rubbed grilled chicken, with paprika mayo, a hard-boiled egg, topped with iceberg lettuce cheddar and mozzarella spread, served with pineapple relish and fries on the side. We have to admit; when we look our first bit it hit us right in the feels! Everything came together really well in this item—it was a well-balanced burger, we cannot lie, we will not lie. The patty had the right texture, it was not over cooked and the paprika mayo added the finish touches. We ended our meal will a Dark And White Chocolate Torte—a chocolate mousse cake, which was surprisingly not heavy to taste, which we thought was a good choice to seal the deal.

The verdict

There is nothing not to like about this space, the food is good, the music is nice and the selection of finger food and tipple here is never-ending. Also, they have The Game of Thrones cocktail festival on until next month too, so go and experience the place for yourself.

Location: International Bay, RMZ Eco World, Sarjapura Road

Price for two ₹1,700 for two people (approx) with alcohol


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