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These Are The Places This Traveller Wants To Visit In 2017

Be it a city, the jungles or the mountains: there is a sense of calm that fills me when I start to pack my bags for that usually long journey. Every year, I make a small bucket list of the places I would like to travel to and the things I should try out there.  This year, I decided to pen them down for all to read. So here goes, these are the 8 places on my list for this year!

Jerusalem, Israel

I’ve always been intrigued by the Holy Land of Jerusalem. It has been a Holy city for Christians, Muslims, and the Jews. That makes it one of the world’s best pilgrim destinations too. Home to the Wailing Wall, it’s considered one of the holiest sites in today’s world.

There are two sites I would like to visit here: The Wailing Wall in the Jew quarters. This wall is the only surviving relic of the first Jerusalem temple. It’s called the Wailing Wall because people often lament the loss of their temple.

The Church of the Sepulcher is another well-known site.  It is said that this was the exact site where Jesus Christ was crucified. The church was built on the site. The church dates back to the 11th century. The original one was said to be built back in 335 AD.

Kanazawa, Japan

This city lies on the Honshu Island in Japan. The region is famous for its Edo era districts and art museums. It also famous for its beautifully preserved samurai and geisha districts. Kanazawa is known as the capital of the Ishikawa Prefecture.

The modern museum of contemporary art and the Kenroku-en, Castle park palace, which dates back to the 17th century is something I look forward to seeing.  Not to forget the samurai districts.

Corsica, France

This tiny island in France is known for its beautiful mixture of peaks and forests. I do love a challenging trail at times, which is why this makes it to the list. Corsica has been part of France for more than 200 years. It lies to the west of Italy.  

The D81 coastal road is said to be one of the most scenic routes for a road trip. Road trips are blissful and I would recommend everyone to do at least once.


Home to many species of wildlife and beaches and corals, the beautiful island of Madagascar lies on the southeast coast of Africa. It’s known to be the fourth largest island in the continent. The island shares its name with a famous animated film as well.

The island has a certain colonial charm to it. Other than that, it is known for its ecosystem. The island is known for its unique flora and fauna that is indigenous to the location. The famous Baobabs trees,  located in Menabe, are worth a visit.

Crete, Greece

Said to be the largest island in Greece,  Crete is known for its fine-sanded beaches and magnificent civilisation. The island can be explored for gastronomical delights, too. History has it that Zeus was in a cave of Crete where the goddess Rhea hid the newborn Zeus.

Crete is known to be mountainous and the White Mountains that stand on the west of Crete are worth a visit. The mountains are perpetually white or off-white in colour.


Located in East Africa, Rwanda has a mountainous landscape and is famous as the home of the mountain gorillas or golden monkeys. The country was steeped in controversy when a genocide brutalised the country in 1994.

The Volcanoes National park here is worth a visit. The park has five forested volcanoes, of which, one is 4,507 meters tall.


Myanmar, once known as Burma, has always fascinated me with stories of the plentiful paddy fields, the meandering Irrawaddy River, the elephants and the serene monks. The country is home to many parks and is known for its Buddhist relics that date back to the 6th century.

I would visit the royal capital city of Mandalay for the golden pagodas and also the city of Bagan for its Buddhist temples.


Malta has it all. From pre-historic temples to fossil ridden cliffs, you will find it all in this archipelago. The archipelago lies precariously between Sicily and Africa in the Mediterranean sea. It’s also one of the smallest countries in the world.

There is plenty to see in Malta, but the best of all is the city of Valleta. Known to be one of the first planned city in all of Europe! I’m a stickler for architecture and the Greek Byzantine structures and Baroque cathedrals of Malta will have you fall in love with the country.


Here are a few places I would like to visit. Do you have a list for your travel this year? Tell us in the comments below.


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